Barrowden Parish Council

Serving the people of Barrowden

Clerk: Richard Littlejohns
Village Hall, Wakerley Road
Barrowden, Rutland LE15 8EP


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Annual Schedule Review Policies

Annual schedule for review of BPC policies

Mon, 04 May 2020

BPC Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct BPC

Fri, 01 Feb 2019

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BPC Disciplinary Policy 03.20

BPC Disciplinary Policy as adopted by BPC 11 March 2020

Fri, 06 Mar 2020

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BPC Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy for Barrowden Parish Council, adopted 30 November 2018

Sat, 01 Dec 2018

BPC Expenses Policy

BPC Expenses Policy

Tue, 17 Oct 2017

BPC Planning App Proc

BPC Procedure for dealing with Planning Apps

Wed, 08 Jun 2016

BPC Risk register 04.18

BPC Risk Register as revised April 2018 and approved by BPC on 5 April 2018

Mon, 09 Apr 2018

BPC Standing Orders as confirmed May 2020

BPC Standing orders as adopted 2015 and confirmed May 2020

Mon, 04 May 2020



Wed, 08 Jun 2016


BPC BVG&Rec Charity Procedures DRAFT

Wed, 08 Jun 2016

Changes to National Planning Policy Consultation

Changes to National Planning Policy Consultation Document

Mon, 07 Dec 2015

Complaints Policy BPC 4May16

Complaints Policy BPC 4May16

Wed, 04 May 2016

Contractors Q'naire BPC

BPC Contractors Questionaire

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

Cooption BPC

Cooption Policy BPC 8Dec15

Tue, 08 Dec 2015

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Financial regs 11.19

Financial Regs as revised November 2019

Sat, 16 Nov 2019

FOI Policy BPC

BPC Freedom of Information Policy

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

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Grievance Policy BPC

BPC Grievance Policy

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

H&S Policy BPC

BPC Health & Safety Policy

Mon, 28 Mar 2016

Home Working Policy BPC

BPC Home Working Policy

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

Letter from RCC re licensing policy

Letter from RCC Governance re consultation on licensing policy

Fri, 04 Oct 2019

Media Policy BPC

Media Policy BPC 8Dec15

Tue, 08 Dec 2015

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Nhants Waste Policy

Nhants Minerals & Waste Policy

Mon, 04 Jan 2016

Planning Policy BPC

Planning Policy BPC 8 Dec 15

Tue, 08 Dec 2015

Proposed response to ethical standards review

response to ethical standards review, drafted by Gordon Brown

Thu, 10 May 2018


RCC Housing & Homeless Strategy 2017-22 DRAFT

Tue, 31 Jan 2017

Reserves Policy BPC V1May16

BPC Reserves Policy V1May16

Sun, 01 May 2016

Risk Register TORs BPC

BPC Risk Register TORs

Wed, 16 Mar 2016

Sickness Policy BPC

BPC Sickness & Absence Policy

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

Subject Access Request Policy

BPC Subject Access Policy DRAFT

Fri, 11 May 2018