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Clerk: Richard Littlejohns
Village Hall, Wakerley Road
Barrowden, Rutland LE15 8EP

Quarry Extraction Plans

The following plans show the phasing of extraction that is proposed at the Quarry

  • A-E3bv8(Rev) (PDF, 1013 Kb)

    Phase A

    The extraction is planned to start on the old Aerodrome from the west end moving east. A large bund (mound of the topsoil removed from the extraction area will be placed around the workings to reduce noise and the visual impact. From Barrowden the bund will restrict the view of the workings all the way to end of Wakerley wood which being retained up to where the footpath currently goes through to the Aerodrome. The access road in front of the wood line will be 1.5 metres below the current level and another bund will placed on the Barrowden side of the access road with hedging on top.

  • A-E4bv8(Rev) (PDF, 957 Kb)

    Phase B

    The extraction continues in this phase towards the east and closer to Wakerley Wood. There are no plans to alter the bunds during this phase

  • A-E5bv8(Rev) (PDF, 933 Kb)

    Phase C

    Subject to rate of extraction from the workings this phase is not expected to start for at least 20 years. At this time the bunding will be moved down the hillside towards Barrowden and at a height of 5 metres showed block the view of the workings which will be well below the current ground level.

  • A-E6bv8(Rev) (PDF, 874 Kb)

    Phase D

    The second last phase will see the buying moved progressively to the east as the front line of the extraction moves

  • A-E7bv8(Rev) (PDF, 863 Kb)

    Phase E

    The final phase will involve the extraction of a triangle of land just behind Wakerley and the the bunding will be levelled to return the land to agricultural use