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Clerk: Richard Littlejohns
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Barrowden, Rutland LE15 8EP


Thank you to all that responded.

A few residents were troubled by the new lights interfering with sleep

There were concerns about the lights on the Back Rd Glowworm reserve

Interestingly, two undocumented streetlights were discovered, so this has been a very useful exercise

Your comments have been passed on to RCC

Any further comments or faults can be reported via

Barrowden Telecomms Poll & Survey

The summarised results are published on the Parish Council Website, with all other documentation from the Council meeting on Feb 10th

Makes rather depressing reading I'm afraid:
Appalling mobile cover, multiple problems with landlines & broadband

Not included are the telephone calls & personal visits to complain which continue to come in!

For example:4 elderly people: 3 no landline for a week, one no landline for 12 days1 no broadband for 5 wks

I have closed the Poll & Survey, but would like to continue collecting details of Telecomm-related problems either by phone (747524), email ( ) or personally (5 Dovecote Close)