Barrowden Parish Council

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Clerk: Richard Littlejohns
Village Hall, Wakerley Road
Barrowden, Rutland LE15 8EP

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Passed by the Government within the Localism Act, neighbourhood planning enables local communities to influence the planning and development of their area by helping to decide:

  • The most appropriate places for new homes, shops, offices, and other developments to be located.
  • What type of development is most needed in the local area and what it should look like.
  • Which green spaces, important areas, and buildings should be protected.
  • What improvements or additions to facilities, services and infrastructure are required alongside development.

Why Produce a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning provides communities with a unique opportunity to produce a legally recognised planning document based on the needs, views, and priorities of those that live, work, and do business in the local area.

Provided with statutory weight through the Localism Act, neighbourhood planning enables the community to set planning policies for the local area which once adopted, will be utilised to determine planning applications and to guide future development in the area. These policies will be in line with Rutland Core Strategy 2011-2026 and North Northants Core Spatial Strategy 2008-2021.

There are a number of key things that a neighbourhood plan CAN and CANNOT achieve:

A Neighbourhood Plan CAN…

  • Set planning policies to shape and direct future development in the area.
  • Determine what type of development takes place and what it looks like.
  • Identify the most suitable local sites for development.
  • Encourage more development than proposed for the area.
  • Identify key areas for protection (e.g. historic buildings, open spaces).
  • Set out the improvements or additions to local facilities, services and infrastructure that will be required alongside any development.

A Neighbourhood Plan CANNOT…

  • Prevent any development from ever taking place in an area.
  • Be prepared solely by a developer or landowner to push through a proposed development.
  • Be in conflict with local, national, or EU policies.
  • Be prepared with no input or support from the local community.

Progress So Far

A group of Barrowden and Wakerley residents under the auspices of the Parish Council ("the Group") have already begun the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan. The village areas have been incorporated and approved as a designated Neighbourhood Plan area by Rutland and East Northants District Councils.

An initial consultation event was held at the beginning of October when residents were invited to express their thoughts on a range of topics. The results from this event will provide the basis for the creation of a list of issues.

The Next Steps

From the list of issues, the Group will prepare a questionnaire laying out a series of options which might address the issues. The questionnaire will be circulated to every household in the two villages so that residents can express their views on the issues and options.

The Group will:

  • Create an evidence base of all the existing planning policies from Rutland and East Northants.
  • Consult all the local stakeholders relevant to the project.
  • Review all of the evidence gained from the consultations, questionnaire and evidence gathering process.
  • Produce a draft plan.
  • Consult on the draft plan prior to examination by an independent inspector.
  • Invite all the electors in the villages to vote on a referendum to approve the plan.